Modeling and Software

Tomson Technologies is a leader in model and software development for the energy industry. Tomson Tech creates standalone enterprise-level software packages and integrates models into a company’s existing systems, resulting in a comprehensive and catered approach.  These packages are available for direct implementation and sale into your company.  Please contact us for more information on these packages.


ScalePREDICT is a thermodynamic and kinetic scale prediction tool . ScalePREDICT can also mix water and oil streams to predict the scaling tendency of the resulting mixture. This makes ScalePREDICT a complete tool for analysis of inorganic scale in a wide range of applications from production to water storage and treatment.


Tomson Technologies works with companies to test and better manage the fluid flowing in the pipeline. In addition to gas and oil fluids in the pipeline, wax and hydrates often form and cause problems in the high temperature, high pressure field environment. To mitigate and manage the potential problems in multiphase pipelines, Tomson Tech models complex issues related to thermodynamics, such as the developed cool-down model.

PipePREDICT contains the following features:

Transient mult-phase flow model image produced by Tomson Technologies software.

PipePREDICT by Tomson Technologies

  • Spatial variation in ambient soil temperatures
  • Warm-up flowing mode
  • Pump and heater stations
  • Complex soil geometries and properties
  • Scripting control of cool-down/warm-up simulations
  • N-phase flash