Research and Development

Tomson Technologies offers a wide variety of technical solutions tailored for the oil and gas industry. Tomson Technologies has state of the art facilities, which are utilized for research and technology development over a wide range of production, upstream, midstream, and other oil and gas related areas. Tomson Technologies is staffed with highly trained and qualified professionals that are ready to tackle any industry R&D task. Tomson performs research and testing at a wide range of temperatures (25°C to 250°C), pressures (0 – 25,000 psig), and salinities, all with the ability to test under strictly anoxic (<< 1 ppb O2) conditions. Testing realistic complex field conditions allows Tomson Technologies to satisfy a wide range of client needs.

Tomson Technologies offers custom and standardized solutions to oil and gas production upstream and midstream ranging from long term research projects to short term projects for time sensitive needs.

Please see below for information on a few specific topic areas where Tomson Technologies excels.

Our key areas of research and development are:

Flow Assurance

Tomson Technologies has significant experience in flow assurance research and technology. Flow assurance is one of the most costly problems to the O&G industry and extensive research is performed on this topic. Tomson Technologies strives to conduct innovative research and development on current field challenges, with the focus on producing field-applicable technologies and solutions. Tomson Technologies is an industry leader in flow assurance research and testing at extreme conditions where little is known and little can be predicted about scale formation, corrosion, microbial analysis, fines migration, and inhibition. Flow assurance is a diverse topic and Tomson covers most related areas....

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Tomson Technologies works to measure, describe and model full-cycle water and chemical additives used in shale oil and gas production. Our primary goal is to systematically research water chemistry with the aim of increasing water reuse, reducing water cost and increasing production. Water is the driving force behind hydraulic fracturing and has broad reaching implications throughout the shale and gas production industry. Each well has an associated water cost of up to $1.6 million, more than 25% of the total cost of the well. Tomson Technologies researches water treatment methods and chemical additive compatibility in hydraulic fracturing to find opportunities...

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High Pressure

Deepwater wells operate under extreme temperature 250°C (482°F) and pressure (25,000 psig). Unfortunately, a dearth of accurate modeling for corrosion and scale at these extreme conditions increases the economic, environmental, and human safety risks of production. The oil and gas industry has spent years studying scale, corrosion and fluid properties up to about 150°C (302°F) and 7,000 psig to 10,000 psig, but little has been done at higher temper

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Enhanced Oil Recovery

During conventional well production, only one third of the well's original oil-in-place is produced. The remaining oil is left behind due to the physics of fluid flow. Tomson Technologies offers research and development of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques to increase production. Our modeling includes advanced research and evaluations of water-alternating-gas (WAG) processes, carbonate reservoirs, scale prediction and inhibition during CO2 injection.   More than 60% of the world’s oil and gas are held in carbonate reservoirs. The challenge in oil and gas production is that carbonates exhibit complex properties, such as permeability, porosity and flow mechanisms. Tomson Technologies models...

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Modeling and Software

Tomson Technologies is a leader in model and software development for the energy industry. Tomson Tech creates standalone enterprise-level software packages and integrates models into a company’s existing systems, resulting in a comprehensive and catered approach. These packages are available for direct implementation and sale into your company. Please contact us for more information on these packages. ScalePREDICT ScalePREDICT is a thermodynamic and kinetic scale prediction model that incorporates a gas oil water three phase flash calculator to make prediction more accurate. ScalePREDICT can also mix water and oil streams to predict the scaling tendency of the resulting mixture. This...

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