Research and Development

Tomson Technologies offers a wide variety of technical solutions specifically tailored for the oil and gas industry. Tomson Technologies has state of the art facilities, which are utilized for research and technology development over a wide range of production, upstream, midstream, and other oil and gas related areas.  Tomson Technologies is fully staffed with highly trained and qualified professionals that are ready to tackle any industry R&D task.

Tomson Technologies performs research and testing at a wide range of temperatures (25 °C to 250 °C), pressures (0 – 25,000 psig), and salinities, all with the ability to test under strictly anoxic (<< 1 ppb O2) conditions. Testing realistic complex field conditions allows Tomson Technologies to satisfy a wide range of client needs.

Tomson Technologies offers customized solutions to oil and gas production upstream and midstream ranging from long term research projects to short term projects for time sensitive needs. Our services and solutions have a strong focus on chemistry and engineering geared towards energy production by working with clients to understand their needs and creating custom projects to achieve those needs.

Tomson also performs development projects to create innovative solutions to to enhance oil and gas production safely through research and development, testing, and innovation.

Our key areas of research and development are: