Our Team

Tomson Technologies utilizes a strong and diverse team of experts. Tomson Tech brings together scientists and managers with a vast amount of experience in the oil and gas industry.

Select members of the team include:

Ross Tomson, J.D., M.E.S.
President, Founder
Mr. Tomson is President and founder of Tomson Technologies. He has managed and successfully completed many complex, multi-phase projects for oil and gas production and service companies around the world.
Paula Guraieb, M.S.
Vice President, Partner
Paula Guraieb is Vice President of Tomson Technologies. She oversees technical aspects of research and development on a number of research and development projects in upstream oil and gas production.
Chao Yan, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist
Dr. Yan joined Tomson Technologies in 2013 and is researching scale, corrosion, and inhibitors at extreme pressure and temperature. His research has focused on the development of nanoparticle-polymeric scale inhibitor hybrid materials with improved squeeze performance.
Nasser Ghorbani, Ph.D.
Research Scientist
Dr. Ghorbani's research has mainly focused on development of new applications for nanoparticles in the hydrocarbon production system, joining Tomson Technologies in 2015.
Mason Tomson, Ph.D.
Senior Technical Adviser
Dr. Mason B. Tomson is a professor at Rice University and Senior Technical Adviser to Tomson Technologies. Dr. Tomson has directed research grants related to energy and oil & gas totaling over twenty million dollars.
Shane Graham, B.S.
Analytical Chemist
Shane Graham holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Chemistry from Georgia Southern University. His work at Tomson Technologies focuses on analytical chemistry for oil and gas clients.
Derek Geisler
Technical Sales Representative
Derek Geisler is the Technical Sales Representative for Tomson Technologies. He oversees marketing and promoting of laboratory and analytical services and products offered by Tomson Technologies.
Kayla Lehman
Office Administrator
Kayla Lehman is the Office Administrator for Tomson Technologies and continually works towards providing a logistically sound operation in order to maximize office efficiency and production.