Water Analysis

Tomson Technologies is a leader in water chemistry and water analysis with over 60 years of experience in water analysis from a research perspective. Tomson uses research and development resources and expertise to analyze water samples and solve complex problems. Our team of scientists and analysts work with our clients to determine the best testing program based on the problem and application. Our team will communicate with the client during the entire process to produce high quality data, and reports for decision making.

Our labs perform custom and industry accepted standards like Standards Methods, EPA, ASTM, NACE, SPE and others. Tomson is here to help with your water analysis, custom or standard.

A select group on tests that apply to water analysis are shown below.

  • Comprehensive Water Analysis – includes ICP-OES cations, pH, alkalinity, resisitivity, hardness, sulfate, and TDS.
  • Anions – bromide, chloride, fluoride, nitrate, nitrite, phosphate and sulfate
  • Organic acids – formic, acetic, butyiric, propionic
  • Alkalinity
  • Oil and Grease (HEM)
  • Bacterial analysis
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