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Tomson Technologies is a full service oil and gas laboratory providing a wide range of services from routine analytical support through advanced research, development, and commercialization.
Our goal is to enhance oil and gas production through testing, research, development, and innovation.

Highlighted Team Members

President, Founder
Mr. Tomson is President and founder of Tomson Technologies. He has managed and successfully completed many complex, multi-phase projects for oil and gas production and service companies around the world.
Vice President
Paula Guraieb is Vice President of Tomson Technologies. She oversees technical aspects of research and development on a number of research and development projects in upstream oil and gas production.
Senior Research Scientist
Dr. Yan joined Tomson Technologies in 2013 and is researching scale, corrosion, and inhibitors at extreme pressure and temperature. His research has focused on the development of nanoparticle-polymeric scale inhibitor hybrid materials with improved squeeze performance.

Services & Solutions




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Flow Assurance

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Modeling & Software

Transient mult-phase flow model image produced by Tomson Technologies software.

Recent News

E&P Magazine highlights Tomson Technologies Extreme HP/HT Scale and Corrosion Advances
E&P Magazine highlights Tomson Technologies Extreme HP/HT Scale Advances HOUSTON, Texas – November 2, 2015 – E&P Magazine highlighted Tomson Technologies research in the Deepwater Production Advances section of their October 2015 issue.  Tomson Technologies continues to work diligently to advance the understanding of extreme high pressure and high temperature scale and corrosion in deepwater oil […]
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Brine Chemistry Solutions and Shale Water Research Center are now Tomson Technologies
Brine Chemistry Solutions and Shale Water Research Center are now Tomson Technologies Tomson Technologies expands services for oil and gas industry HOUSTON, January 27, 2015—Brine Chemistry Solutions and the Shale Water Research Center are now operating as Tomson Technologies. This name change is accompanied by an expansion of its services to meet the needs of […]
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Shale Play Water Management Magazine: Exploring Water Treatment, Reuse & Alternative Sources
BY ROSS TOMSON, SHALE WATER RESEARCH CENTER In the last few years, shale oil and gas production in the United States has grown significantly as there have been improvements in both hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling technologies. In 2000, shale gas provided only one percent of the nation’s natural gas production, but accounted for more […]
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